Hello, I'm Christina Grammatikopoulou

Art Historian



Cultural Producer


I'm a research and teaching fellow at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki. My postdoctoral research focused on technofeminism and gender performance in the expanded digital/physical space. My doctoral thesis (University of Barcelona) dealt with the (im)materiality of art based on performance and digital technology, while my subsequent publications explored diverse topics at the intersection of digital culture and visual arts. My teaching has focused on art history, digital culture, anthropology, gender studies and colonial studies. I have also worked in the sector of digital innovation, as a digital communications expert. From 2008 to 2018 I had been part of the editorial team of the art journal Interartive. Subsequently, I became involved in the technofeminist group #purplenoise, that combined research with artistic practices. 

  • Research Art History, Visual Culture, Digital Technology, Technofeminism
  • Expertise Teaching, Research, Digital Innovation, Communication
  • Residence Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Contact christinagrammatikopoulou*gmail